Brake Pads - SP348PR

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SCT-Brake Pads are spare part pads with excellent price-quality ratio. The raw materials used in manufacturing of brake pads are chosen according following features: stability, efficiency and capacity of braking. The purpose is to offer a complete range of cost-efficient brake pads without failure of services. SCT-Brake Pads are laid out to the present means of transport accordingly, so that equally constant capacity of brake power under different temperature and other conditions is guaranteed, without any difference whether it goes about braking at high speeds on a high-speed automobile highway or around Stop-and-go-driving in city. They are compatible with ABS, also TCS, EBD, ASC and meet the O.E.-specifications. Each complete set of facing represents best possible combination what merit, passenger comfort and handling are concerned. They are concepted for reduction of a care and conditional - constant costs of car owners and optimum profitability.
Brand / Model / Volume Engine Code    KW    Hp Year Remark
LEXUS RX 350 3.5 V6 2GR-FXE 183 249 04.2009-->  front SUM
LEXUS RX 450 h 2GR-FXE 183 249 04.2009-->  front SUM
LEXUS RX 350 3.5 V6 DI 2GR-FSE 01.2007-->  front SUM
LEXUS RX 300 3.0 V6 1MZ-FE VVT-i 148 201 10.2000-05.2003  front Ind.2 SUM
LEXUS RX 300 3.0 V6 1MZ-FE 150 204 05.2003-->  front Ind.2 SUM
LEXUS RX 330 3.3 24V MFI 3MZ-FE/MFI 01.2004-12.2006  front Ind.2 SUM
LEXUS RX 350 3.5 24V 2GR-FE 203 276 02.2006-12.2008  front Ind.2 SUM
LEXUS RX 400 h (Hybrid) 3MZ-FE 155 211 09.2005-->  front Ind.2 SUM


Height: 59,5
EAN: 4036021003481

O.E.M. numbers
LEXUS 0446548080
LEXUS 0446548100
LEXUS 0446548110
LEXUS 044650W070
TOYOTA 0446548100
TOYOTA 044650W070

Reference numbers
ATE 13.0460-5750.2
Ferodo FDB1715
HP (ZEBRA) 7599
Icer 181584
Jurid 572562J
Lucas (TRW) GDB3338

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