Chempioil - 2801 Gear Oil ISO 220 20L

Size: 20L
Sale price$110.81

An industrial mineral reduction gear oil for use in gear transmissions of modern imported and domestic equipment requiring the use of high-quality oils with enhanced antiwear and anti-scuffing ?? (Extreme Pressure) properties.

Product properties:
- It has excellent antiwear and anti-scuffing properties due to the use of the modern antiwear and antifriction additive package. It allows decreasing the likelihood of scuffing, pitting, fretting corrosion, sulphur corrosion and simultaneously reducing power consumption. It allows reducing the break-in period;
- It has excellent antioxygenic properties, antifoaming and demulsifying characteristics that allow increasing the time between oil changes and extending the service life of the equipment even in the event of a possible water contamination. It reduces repairs and maintenance costs;
- It efficiently mitigates all types of corrosion of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys and is perfectly compatible with all types of seals and inserts;
- Due to good low-temperature properties, it preserves its working capacity at low ambient temperatures (up to – 28 °?);
- Due to its universality, it allows standardizing the assortment of reduction gear oils used in the company;
- It enhances the surface condition even if it is damaged, it has a micro-smoothing effect.

It is recommended for industrial closed gear wheels (reducers), lubricated by circulation or spraying (oil mist), especially when there are heavy loads and high temperatures, vibrations, high speed and sliding friction. It may be used for lubricating various mechanisms and separate parts that operate under heavy loads: all types of gear systems (including worm and screw), clutches and all types of bearings: roller, friction, etc., where the required level of operating properties is DIN 51517 Part 3 CLP and viscosity is ISO VG 220.

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