Chempioil - 8804 MTF-4 75W-80 Manual Transmission Fluid 20L

Size: 20L
Sale price£241.09
A latest-generation energy-conserving synthetic gear oil for manual transmissions. It is recommended for use in all types of 5- and 6-speed synchronized manual transmissions, including transmissions with an incorporated differential of front wheel drive vehicles, transfer cases and main gears, in which the application of the standard GL-4 is prescribed. It was developed on the basis of the requirements set by the BMW group.

Product properties:
  • The low-viscosity synthetic base of the highest quality with ideal viscosity in the required range of temperatures in combination with a latest-generation additive package ensures superior antifriction properties thus ensuring a significant fuel economy and the smoothness of the transmission shift;
  • Due to its unique composition, it ensures excellent antiwear and anti-scuffing properties that significantly extend the expected life of the technical equipment in all, even the most extreme, modes of operation in a wide range of ambient temperatures. The oil film has an increased resistance to elevated pressure;
  • The synthetic base ensures superior low-temperature properties that ensure an easy starting, reliable lubrication, as well as an easy and precise transmission shift at the lowest (up to -30 °C) ambient temperatures;
  • Due to the synthetic base, it has a high thermal-oxidative stability that allows increasing the time between the oil changes and reducing equipment maintenance costs;
  • It protects metal parts from corrosion;
  • It is compatible with sealing materials, prevents them from swelling, hardening and shrinking thus allowing the reduction of costs for spare parts;
  • It has a reduced foam and sludge formation rate, reduces noise, it does not breakdown and preserves the structure homogeneity throughout the entire service life.
It is recommended for BMW, Volvo, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Honda vehicles, in which the required level of operating properties is GL-4 or lower.

Comply with the manufacturer’s instructions provided in the user’s manual.

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