Chempioil - 2502 Multifarm Stou SAE 10W-40

Size: 20L
Sale price£229.59

A truly universal all-weather semi-synthetic motor-transmission (HC-synthes) engine oil for modern diesel engines of agricultural machinery with and without turbocharger operating in difficult conditions, as well as for mechanical transmissions, wet-type braking systems and even tractor hydraulic systems. Designed specifically to solve the specific problems of agricultural machinery, to protect the equipment and get the most out of it, regardless of the conditions of its operation. Belongs to the class STOU (abbr. From Super Tractor Oil Universal).

A feature of the use of agricultural machinery is the high dependence of the operating mode on weather conditions, the possibility of round-the-clock operation, remoteness from service centers, a large assortment of additional attachments and, as a rule, low technical training of personnel. The use of CHEMPIOIL Multifarm STOU 10W-40 eliminates equipment breakdowns associated with confusion in the use of oil, when, due to the storage in the open air, the marking on containers under the influence of weather factors becomes unreadable. The use of oil makes accounting and storage easier. In the field, it is enough to take one canister and in any situation, solve the issue of adding oil to any unit.

Product properties:
- Innovative additives in combination with a semi-synthetic base of the highest quality with a high viscosity index provide excellent anti-friction, anti-wear and extreme pressure properties, which significantly prolongs the life of the equipment in all, even the most extreme, operating modes in a wide range of ambient temperatures and provides fuel economy;
- Synthetic components in combination with natural antioxidants give the oil increased thermal oxidative stability, which, combined with excellent detergent-dispersant properties (TBN> 10), effectively reduces carbon and varnish formation, prevents the formation of deposits of all kinds and maintains engine parts and transmission in excellent cleanliness throughout the interval between replacements;
- A unique HC-containing formulation provides oil resistance to oxidation and aging, and due to reduced volatility and high flash point, reduces oil consumption "for waste";
- Due to the HC-containing base, the optimal viscosity has excellent low-temperature properties, including a low pour point, which provides excellent oil pumpability and cranking of engine and transmission components at low temperatures, easy “cold start” (up to -30 C0) and lower starting wear and tear;
- Effectively protects engine parts and transmissions from all types of corrosion, and seals against corrosion by acids;
- Has reduced foaming;
- A special additive package is developed taking into account the difficult Russian operating conditions and low fuel quality.
Designed for all types of highly loaded diesel engines of agricultural machinery, where the level of operational properties of CG-4 or lower is required, and for highly loaded mechanical transmissions of this equipment where a level of operational properties of GL-4 is required.

Applicable for hydraulic systems, hydrostatic and mechanical transmissions, wet brakes and multi-plate clutches, power take-off shaft and power steering for all types of tractor equipment.
It can be used in gasoline engines where API SF or lower performance is required.

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