Fanfaro - 4906 Winter Screen Wash (-25)

Size: 5L
Sale price£23.79

FANFARO WINTER SCREEN WASH (-25°C) – ready-to-use, highly effective winter window screen washer for use in the windscreen washer tank.
- Effectively removes dirt, road de-icing agents, oil stains, silicone film and other heavy soiling from windows and headlamps;
- Guaranteed removal of ice down to -25 °C;
- Quickly and easily ensures transparent windscreens, increasing driving safety. Suitable for all types of windscreens: triplex, sekuriflex, etc. with or without heating, as well as for rear and side windows (tempered glass) and headlamps made of any material;
- Does not leave any smudges or streaks on the windows;
- Does not contain phosphates, is biologically neutral;
- Chemically neutral towards rubber, plastics and paintwork.

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