Fanfaro - 5400 Clutch / Brake Cleaner - 500ml

Size: 500ml
Sale price£12.49
Fanfaro Brake Cleaner is a special cleaner for any metallic separate part of a vehicle. It has excellent cleaning properties. It is applicable to brake shoes and discs, parts of the clutch and the transmission, tools etc. It removes dirt, oil, grease, brake fluid, other petrochemicals, and burnt technical fluids. This product facilitates assemblage, saves time and workload during vehicle repair. Spray the cleaner onto the soiled parts and let it drain off. The parts are clean and grease-free after evaporation of the solvents. Besides, the cleaner is suitable for cleaning of bodyworks, oil filters, motorcycle chains, engines, tractors, lawn mowers, door hinges and electrical contacts.

Note: product may damage paints and plastics.

check for compatibility before application

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