Forte New Generation Engine Flush 400ml

Size: 400ml
Sale price£16.85
Forté New Generation Engine Flush is an improved blend of cleaning agents, dispersants and anti-wear agents with increased cleaning and moisture emulsification capabilities.

It is formulated to overcome the increased levels of contamination in modern high output tight tolerance engines caused by the effects of biodiesel and ethanol based fuels and exhaust gas after-systems.

Combat Biodiesel and Ethanol Fuel Contamination in the Oil System

Specifically for:
Diesel Turbo
Wet Belt

  • Rapid cleaning of engines internally and provides anti-wear protection.
  • Cleans and removes sludge, varnish and lacquer caused by the effects of biodiesel and ethanol based fuels.
  • Emulsifies moisture present in the crankcase and removes white sludge deposits.
  • Compatible with internal drive belt systems.
  • Stabilises cylinder compression restoring lost engine power.
  • Cleans oil ways ensuring oil flow to critical moving parts.

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