Mannol - 1101 Kettenoel Chainsaw Oil

Size: 4L
Sale price£23.89

A highly-purified mineral-based oil for the lubrication of cutting edges of petrol and electric saws with a manual and automatic oil supply.

Product properties:
- It has an optimal viscosity for effective lubrication, it does not splash during operation;
- It has high adhesive properties that ensure a good oil adhesion to the chain during operation;
- Great lubricating and antiwear properties extend the service life of the chain;
- It ensures reduced oil consumption and heating of the parts;
- It has excellent antioxidizing and anticorrosion properties;
- It can be used throughout the year. It ensures a reliable lubrication at up to -15 °?.

It is designed for use in all types of powerful motorized chain saws under extreme conditions, including hardwood sawing.

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