Mannol - 6106 Dashboard Cleaner - Citron Scent - 220ml

Size: 220ml
Sale price£12.19

Cockpit Citron - dashboard cleaner with a pleasant citrus smell, designed to remove dirt and protect it from cracking and drying.

- Has excellent cleaning properties;
- Forms a strong polymer layer of silicone molecules on the treated surface, which is resistant to UV radiation and gives the surface excellent waterproof and antistatic properties;
- Can be used for the care of internal coatings made of synthetic material and plastic.

Clean the surface to be treated before use. Shake the balloon well before use. Do not spray directly on plastic surfaces - instead, apply the cleaner to a dry sponge or cloth and wipe the surface thoroughly. Avoid contact with glass or fabric surfaces. Do not use on the steering wheel, pedals, or door handles.

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