Mannol - 7205 2-Takt Universal 2-Stroke Engine Oil Motorbike Engine Oil

Size: 1L
Sale price£13.69
A universal high-quality mineral-based engine oil for modern high-load and high-speed 2-stroke engines with air cooling. It is suitable for the lubrication by a pre-mixed blend and an automatic mixing in an engine intake.

Product properties:
  • A modern additive package and a synthetic highly-purified base ensure a stable operation of the engine in any operating conditions, including high temperatures and loads, prevent the formation of carbon deposits, lacquer and soot on combustion chamber walls, pistons, plugs, valves, an exhaust manifold and exhaust pipe, prevent piston rings from sticking and gumming up thus extending the service life of the engine;
  • A special oil formula ensures a smokeless combustion and prevents preignition;
  • Special detergent components maintain the engine parts clean;
  • It instantly forms a highly stable mixture with all types of fuel even at low temperatures;
  • It has excellent anticorrosion, antiwear and antifriction properties, prevents wear and scuffing on cylinder walls even under extreme loads.
It is designed for all types of 2-stroke engines: motorcycles, mopeds, scooters, motor scooters and other two-wheeled motor vehicles with the required oil grade of API TC and JASO FB.

The fuel-oil mixture ratio recommended by engine manufacturers must be observed. In the absence of it – the recommended ratio is 1:50.

Comply with the manufacturer’s instructions provided in the user’s manual of the engine!

It is dyed green for the visual control of the oil in the mixture.

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