Mannol - 7730 Legend 504/507 0W-30 Engine Oil

Size: 1L
Sale price£17.99
Innovative energy-saving fully synthetic (PAO-based) premium engine oil with improved low-temperature properties for modern gasoline and diesel engines (including direct injection) with and without turbocharging, including those equipped with pump-injectors (Pumpe-Duse). Developed based on the requirements of VW and DAIMLER.

Product properties:
  • Due to the fully synthetic base and a special additive package, it has excellent anti scrapping, anti-wear and anti-friction properties, which ensures long and trouble-free operation of the pump-nozzle system;
  • Due to its excellent detergent-dispersing properties and the highest thermal-oxidative stability, it effectively combats all types of deposits and keeps engine parts clean throughout the entire replacement interval;
  • Saves fuel due to optimal anti-friction properties and reduced high-temperature viscosity at high shear rate HTHS;
  • Improved fully synthetic base ensures extremely easy low-temperature engine start-up due to unsurpassed cranking and pumping performance, which significantly reduces engine starting wear;
  • It has an optimal viscosity over a wide temperature range, which ensures stable operation in all operating modes, including overloads;
  • Due to its high thermal-oxidative stability, it effectively resists to aging;
  • Compatible with all exhaust gas neutralization systems, DPF, TWC, EGR and SCR due to the use of Mid SAPS technology;
  • Used in engines with an extended oil change interval (Long Life up to 30,000 km) and conventional;
  • Suitable for engines running on liquefied natural gas (LNG) and petroleum gas (LPG).It is intended for gasoline and diesel engines of the EURO V and EURO VI standard of a wide fleet of cars (cars, light SUVs, minibuses and light trucks) of
European and other manufacturers). Recommended for use in engines of Daimler, BMW, VW cars that have additional requirements for engine oils (according to the above specifications).

The oil is not suitable for use in heavy trucks and similar vehicles!
SAE 0W-30
BMW Longlife-04
BMW Longlife-12FE
MB 229.51

VOLKSWAGEN 504 00 Approved
VOLKSWAGEN 507 00 Approved

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