Mannol - 7830 Motorbike 4-Takt HD 20W-50 4-Stroke Engine Oil Motorbike Engine Oil

Size: 1L
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A universal all-season synthetic-based engine oil for 4-stroke normal- and high-load engines (including 2-cylinder V-type) for highway, off-road and racing motorcycles. It was designed for a guaranteed protection of the engine and the durability of the gearbox.

Product properties:
  • A special additive package and a high-viscosity base ensure a high traction coefficient in friction elements that allow avoiding their wear due to the prevention of skidding and ensure an exact and smooth operation of the clutch during starting, acceleration and driving at a constant speed thus allowing an easy gear shift;
  • It has excellent lubricating, antiwear and anti-scuffing properties that reduce fuel consumption, improve the power and service life of the engine. It provides a maximum wear protection of cylinder-piston group and a valve gear;
  • It was created with a stable high-viscosity base and designed for extreme operating conditions, it has a good thermo-oxidative stability and resistance to high temperatures at which it preserves an exceptionally strong oil film;
  • It preserves stable viscous properties at any operating conditions, including high sliding velocities. It ensures cold starts during winter;
  • Special detergent-dispersion additives maintain the engine parts ideally clean;
  • It has excellent antifoam properties and a low evaporation capacity;
  • High-performance inhibitors ensure excellent anticorrosion properties;
  • It may be mixed with analogous mineral and synthetic oils.
It is designed for petrol-powered 4-stroke engines of motorcycles of all types with air and liquid cooling with or without an integrated gearbox, oil bath clutch coupling and “dry” clutch and other two-wheeled vehicles with the required operating properties of API SL or lower and JASO MA/MA2 level.

Comply with the manufacturer’s instructions provided in the user’s manual of the engine, especially the oil replacement age!
SAE 20W-50

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