Mannol - 7858 Agro Formula S

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A special high-quality synthetic-based engine oil for modern 2-stroke engines operating at high speeds and under intensive use.

Product properties:
- A modern additive package and a synthetic base ensure a stable operation of the engine in any operating conditions, including high temperatures and loads, prevent the formation of carbon deposits, lacquer and soot on pistons, plugs and valves, prevent piston rings from sticking thus extending the service life of the engine;
- Smokeless combustion;
- Special ashless detergent components maintain the excellent cleanliness of the engine parts;
- It instantly forms a highly stable mixture with all types of fuel;
- It has excellent anticorrosion, antiwear and antifriction properties.

It is designed for use in all types of 2-stroke engines: mowers, grass-trimmers, cultivators, chain and circular saws, special forestry and construction equipment, etc.
The fuel-oil mixture ratio recommended by engine manufacturers must be observed.
Comply with the manufacturer’s instructions provided in the user’s manual of the engine!

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