Mannol - 7904 Chain Cleaner

Size: 400ml
Sale price£11.99
Chain Cleaner – cleaner of driving chains of motor vehicles and its individual parts in the form of aerosol. Suitable for all types of chains (O-ring, X-ring, W-ring).

Product properties:
  • Due to the high content of active substances, it quickly, effectively and carefully cleans and degreases chains from old grease, dirt, dust, sand and other road contaminants;
  • Specially selected solvents effectively dissolve and clean the old dried and hardened residues of petroleum products in the form of resin and varnish;
  • Has excellent solvent properties and easily penetrates all gaps in the chain;
  • Quickly and completely evaporates without damaging the oil seals;
  • It is recommended to use before applying fresh 7901 MANNOL Chain Lube.
Application: Place a cloth or cardboard under the parts to be cleaned. Shake the balloon and spray the product liberally several times and let it drain. After evaporation (approximately 10 minutes), the chain becomes clean and fat-free, prepared for applying 7901 MANNOL Chain Lube.

Attention: the product can aggressively affect rubbers, polymer materials and paint coatings – check their compatibility before using.

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