Mannol - 8107 Universal Getriebeoel 80W-90 Manual Transmission Fluid

Size: 1L
Sale price£12.49
A universal all-season mineral-based gear oil. It was developed for all types of synchronized and non-synchronized manual transmissions, drive axles and other components of manual transmissions operating under sustainable and heavy loads.

Product properties:
  • The unique base of the highest quality with optimal viscosity in a wide range of temperatures in combination with a newest additive package ensures superior antifriction and anti-scuffing properties thus ensuring a significant fuel economy and a very smooth transmission shift;
  • Due to its unique composition, it ensures excellent antiwear and anti-scuffing properties that significantly extend the expected life of the technical equipment in all, even the most extreme, modes of operation in a wide range of ambient temperatures. The oil film has an increased resistance to elevated pressure;
  • It ensures necessary low-temperature properties that ensure a reasonably easy starting, reliable lubrication, as well as an easy and precise transmission shift at any ambient temperatures (up to -30 °C) and in any operating conditions;
  • It has an increased thermal-oxidative stability and an excellent resistance to the high-temperature thermal degradation that allows increasing the time between oil changes and reducing equipment maintenance costs. It preserves its properties on long storage;
  • It provides an effective protection from sludge and abrasive sediments that destroy stuffing boxes;
  • Due to the use of last-generation corrosion inhibitors, it effectively protects metal parts from all types of corrosion;
  • It provides an excellent compatibility with sealing materials, prevents them from swelling, hardening and shrinking thus reducing the costs for spare parts and preventing leakages;
  • It reduces noise.
It is recommended for use in manual transmissions of passenger cars, heavy-load highway (freight trucks, buses, etc.), off-road (construction, mining, agricultural) and special vehicles produced by European, American and Asian manufacturers in which the required level of service characteristics is GL-4.

Comply with the manufacturer’s instructions provided in the user’s manual.
SAE 80W-90
MIL L 2105

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