Mannol - 8121 White Grease

Size: 450ml
Sale price£5.99
White mineral grease based on lithium soap, which has excellent heat resistance and resistance to leaching. Designed for machining parts of mechanisms, bearings, joints, gears and other gears, threaded connections. The product reduces friction, repels moisture, prevents dampening, protects against corrosion, and prevents freezing of elements. The tool is applicable in the car and in everyday life.

  • Quickly and deeply penetrates without leaving a sticky film;
  • Creates a dense protective layer. Provides reliable lubrication of metal parts. The corrosion inhibitors included in the composition reliably protect the treated surfaces from oxidation and wear;
  • The dense protective layer is resistant to friction, pressure, vibration;
  • It has a high viscosity, while it does not contain silicones and solvents;
  • It has elasticity. Well protecting the surface of the flexible material, completely enveloping it including all the bumps;
  • Ease of use, speed, economical consumption.
The grease is ideally suited for use in automobiles, water engineering, agricultural and garden equipment, industry, household, etc. It is used to lubricate and protect parts of the brake system, battery terminals, door locks and hinges, hoods and luggage racks, wiper mechanisms, power windows, seat rails, metal levers, cables and other various moving mechanisms.

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