Mannol - 9091 Molibden Additive 350ml

Size: 350ml
Sale price£7.09
An additive in engine and / or transmission (for mechanical transmissions) oil to reduce friction and wear, which is provided by an extremely stable colloidal dispersion of natural molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) in the base oil. It forms a strong layered film with an unsurpassed anti-friction effect on all rubbing surfaces, which persists even when the oil is completely leaked.

Product properties:
  • Effectively reduces the coefficient of friction, thereby reducing torque and, consequently, energy loss, which allows you to significantly save fuel;
  • Reduces wear and prevents jamming even at high pressures and loads, thereby significantly extending the service life of the engine and / or mechanical transmission components;
  • Has high thermal stability, resistant to high temperatures - up to 350 °C;
  • Does not form deposits and sediment;
  • Compatible with all filters (does not clog their pores) and seals;
  • Mixes with all types of oils (mineral, synthetic, etc.) and is suitable for all four-stroke gasoline and diesel engines (atmospheric or turbocharged), with or without exhaust gas treatment systems;
  • Prevents damage to the engine and / or transmission as a result of extreme circumstances (oil leaks, very high loads, overheating, etc.);
  • Reduces engine and/or transmission noise;
  • Especially recommended for previous generation equipment.
Attention! Molybdenum disulfide is not applicable in some units, which is always noticed in the operating instructions of the equipment.

For correct application of the additive, read the operating instructions of the equipment carefully!

Do not use in automatic transmissions or in transmissions with wet clutches!

Application: Add to the engine or transmission oil at any arbitrary time. Recommended for regular use: add fresh additive to the oil each oil change. The contents of the 0.35 l can are sufficient for an oil system with a volume of up to 5 liters.

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