Mannol - 9201 Catalytic System Cleaner

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Catalytic System Cleaner is a professional tool for cleaning and restoring the efficiency of catalytic converters. Suitable for all gasoline engines, both naturally aspirated and turbocharged, equipped with these systems. It also allows you to clean the power supply system and fuel injection devices of a gasoline engine from all typical contaminants without disassembly.

Product properties:
  • Cleans valves, piston rings, working surface - catalytic Converter cells, exhaust system from carbon deposits, tar and other deposits. Removes carbon deposits from the walls of the combustion chamber and from the grooves of the piston rings, preventing their occurrence;
  • Helps to clean the oxygen sensor electrodes (lambda probe);
  • Restores the original engine power by reducing the hydrodynamic resistance of the exhaust system;
  • By optimizing the combustion process and eliminating contamination of the fuel and exhaust systems, it reduces fuel consumption and exhaust gas toxicity;
  • In the future, with a long-term effect, it protects the catalytic converter from blockages, and the fuel system from corrosion;
  • Increases the service life of the catalytic Converter and the entire exhaust system.
Application: connect the injection device to the cylinder. Insert (stick) its needle into the rubber hose of the engine air intake and hang the balloon upside down (for example, by the edge of the raised hood) as a dropper. Turn on the flow of funds. Allow the engine to idle at 1500 rpm for approximately 30-45 minutes. Do not allow the engine to overheat. If the exhaust manifold starts to glow red (due to high temperature), stop cleaning immediately.

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