Mannol - 9423 Oil Leak-Stop

Size: 250ml
Sale price£19.59
Oil Leak-Stop is a special engine oil additive made by using unique technologies. Compatible with any engine oil and suitable for any type of engine. Recommended for extreme operating conditions, high oil consumption and unstable engine operation.

  • Modifies the surface structure of piston rings and hydro-compensators;
  • Restores elasticity of seals and gaskets;
  • Reduces oil flow through the piston rings by maintaining the oil viscosity at the required level.
Application: Add to the engine oil at any time. Warm the engine up and let it run idle for 10 minutes. The sealing effect is achieved after 600-800 km. For a long-term effect, apply at every oil change. A can of 250 ml is enough for a 6 L oil system.

Note: Do not use in motorbikes with a wet clutch.

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