Mannol - 9617 Thread Seal Tape

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Thread Seal Tape is a universal PTFE tape for sealing and sealing threaded connections ("foam tape") of any materials (metal and plastic, etc.). It can be used both in the repair of cars and other equipment, and in industry and in everyday life when installing and repairing plumbing units and gas pipes.

  • Length / width / thickness: 15m / 19mm / 0.075 mm.
  • Low coefficient of friction. Fluorine-containing plastic polymers (PTFE) have a very low coefficient of friction, which facilitates the connection of fittings. Perform the role of a kind of pipe thread gasket, improving the fit and seal;
  • Thermo stability. PTFE has an extremely high melting point for plastic – 327 degrees. They are designed for use at temperatures up to 260? C. PTFE – excellent dielectrics (electrical insulators), which is an additional plus;
  • Ductility, elasticity and tensile strength. Resistant to mechanical stress. They operate at a constant pressure of up to 10 MPa and can withstand drops of up to 41 MPa. The average service life is 13 years. The fluoropolymer film does not harden after use, making it possible to reuse the threaded connection. Prolonged exposure to light slightly degrades the properties;
  • Chemical and biological inertia. It is highly resistant to aggressive chemicals-acids and alkalis, oil and fuel, and any solvents. Polymers are uniformly sheathed with fluorine atoms, which make the material inert to almost all chemicals. Decomposition is possible only under extreme conditions created in special laboratories. It is not subject to rot.
Application: clean used threads with a brush or other tool from dirt and rust and degrease using 9691 MANNOL Brake Cleaner. The new thread is simply degreased. Wrap the tape on the thread, starting from the end of the thread, along the thread (to tighten the nut). Wind with a little effort so that the tape falls into the thread and stretches a little. Make the last turn just above the thread: overlap – to avoid slipping the tape. There is no need to wind too much tape (in several layers). Cut the tape from the reel.

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