Mannol - 9673 Tire Cleaner - 650ml

Size: 650ml
Sale price£14.49

Tire Cleaner – a special foam cleaner for quick, easy and gentle cleaning and further maintaining the cleanliness of tires and giving them the best appearance in just one operation. It is suitable for any type of tires of any equipment and all types of rubber – without having a negative chemical effect on them.

- Effectively dissolves and removes residues of petroleum products, including bitumen, as well as grease, dirt, salt, wear products of the brake system and asphalt, etc.;
- Restores the original properties of the rubber and the black color of the tires, gives them a gloss and prevents aging of the rubber, thereby increasing their service life;
- Further protects tires from the negative effects of the environment: moisture, dirt, petroleum products from the road, de-icing road reagents (salt) in winter, aggressive gases, etc.;

Shake the balloon well and spray on the tire from about 10-15 cm. Leave on for 3-5 minutes, then wipe with a damp sponge or rinse with water. After completing the work, check the brakes at a low speed as the vehicle may have got on the brake pads or discs. Clean them if necessary.

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