Mannol - 9676 Acryl Paint - Silver - 500ml

Size: 500ml
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MANNOL Acryl Paint Silver - quick-drying silver paint for painting various surfaces of the car, made almost from any materials. It is created on the basis of synthetic acrylic resins. It is also intended for painting, decorative design and repair of small objects and household products, elements of landscape and interior design that are not subjected to mechanical loads.

  • Dries quickly, which minimizes the time required for painting;
  • Forms a coating with high performance characteristics, which has good hardness, light resistance (retains color and does not fade in the sun), hiding power, resistance to environmental influences, washing and wet cleaning with non-abrasive detergents. It does not age, can withstand temperatures within 180° C, is inert to oils, fuels, acids, alkalis, thermoplastic and water-resistant;
  • The coating is a homogeneous, with no craters, pores, wrinkle and foreign inclusions of the surface. The color of the coating must be within the tolerance limits set by the RAL catalog;
  • Has excellent adhesive properties-forms a strong and resistant coating;
  • Transmits the tone well, and to a lesser extent depends on the thickness of the layer, which cannot be said about competitive materials, where spots appear when the layer is uneven;
  • Perfectly combined with many types of primers;
  • Does not contain ozone-depleting substances and heavy metal compounds;
  • Can be used for self-repair, in workshops and as a universal everyday paint in everyday life.
Suitable for painting MANNOL Acryl Paint Silver: metal surfaces, including those previously painted with powder paints (external walls of refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, etc.); any plastic surfaces; natural dense fabrics (posters, clothing items); dense mineral surfaces: concrete, brick, plastered (except for facades), plasterboard, artificial and natural stone, unglazed ceramics, crushed stone, etc., used in atmospheric conditions and indoors. It can be used for painting and decorating wood products (furniture elements, photo frames, windows, doors, etc., except for floors) and glass used indoors.

The surface to be painted must be thoroughly cleaned of grease and other contaminants, rust, scale, old peeling paint, sanded, degreased with a solvent, we recommend the MANNOL Brake Cleaner 9691 degreaser, and dried. To obtain a more durable coating, metal surfaces should be primed with an anti-corrosion primer. Cover areas of the surface that are not subject to painting with paper or paint tape.

The temperature of the surface to be painted must exceed by at least 3° C the dew point (the temperature at which moisture from the air condenses on a solid surface). Drying time of the coating at a temperature of (20 ± 2)° C-1 h. it is allowed to apply the second layer in 2-3 minutes.

To get a rich color, it is recommended to apply the paint in at least 3 layers. The first layer is the base, applied very thinly. Intermediate layers (layer) should be thicker. The last layer is also applied thinly. After applying each layer, give it time to dry, but no more than 30 minutes. When applied "wet", the highest degree of adhesion between the paint layers is achieved.

Paint should be done outdoors in calm weather, in industrial areas, warehouse premises in the presence of ventilation. Before applying, shake the balloon for 3 minutes after the ball knocks. Safety valves workability – when pressed, the valve should open, releasing the contents, when released to stop release of content (should not pass the content through the connection nipple head). Spray vertically in a thin layer from a distance of 25-30 cm at a temperature of 5° C to 30° C. Spray first horizontally, then after a short pause, vertically. Depending on the color, the number of layers is from 1 to 3. After the work is completed, clean the valve: to do this, turn the spray bottle down and press the valve for 2-5 seconds.

A single bottle can be paint up to 2 m² of even surface. It depends on the type, quality and preparation of the surface to be painted, climate factors, color and skills of the worker. If necessary, apply a special transparent varnish over the paint.

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