Mannol - 9683 Tire Dressing - 500ml

Size: 500ml
Sale price£9.49

Tire Shine is a particularly resistant and hardy water – based blackener for tires that gives them a long-lasting and intense black color and Shine.

- Contains polymers and natural oils: the coating formed in this way, unlike silicone, does not allow the rubber to dry and does not attract dust and dirt;
- Not only creates a coating, but also is absorbed by rubber – tires retain an intense black color and Shine for several weeks in any weather: under the sun and in the rain;
- Returns a rich dark black color even to faded gray tires, masking micro-cracks and minor defects;
- Creates a waterproof and water-repellent film on the surface after four hours;
- Softens rubber, protects tires from further cracking and counteracts the aging of rubbers of any composition;
- Protects the rubber from the damaging effects of ultraviolet light;
- It can handle the bumper and moldings (if they are black) and rubber seals on the car doors to prevent freezing in the cold.

Thoroughly clean the surface to be treated, apply the product as thinly as possible with a sponge and that's it!
Attention: avoid getting the product on the wheels and in the brake system.

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