Mannol - 9691 Montage Brake Cleaner

Size: 5L
Sale price£33.49
Brake Cleaner – universal ultra-effective degreaser for metal surfaces. It is used primarily for cleaning surfaces in vehicles and everyday life intended for subsequent processing (gluing, painting, coating, sealants, etc.)

  • Contains acetone, aggressive to paint coatings, some plastics and rubbers. Before use, it is necessary to check its effect on a specific material or coating. If negative effects are detected, these surfaces must be protected to avoid chemical damage;
  • Removes grease and oil contamination, silicones, certain types of paint coatings, chemical residues, dirt, dust, plaque and other contaminants that will impair the adhesion of the treated surface with the materials applied to it (lacquers, paints, adhesives, sealants, etc.);
  • dries quickly, leaves no traces;
Recommended for cleaning brake discs and pads – extends their service life with regular use.

Application: can be applied by flushing, dipping, spraying and pouring. Large parts and components are best treated with spray or wet with wide brushes, rags or similar means. It is usually enough to spray the degreaser on dirty surfaces and let it drain. After the solvent has evaporated, the surfaces will be cleaned and degreased. In case of heavy dirt, wipe the surface.

This product is highly flammable!
The product must not be drained into the sewer!
Measures must be taken against static electricity!
Wear appropriate gloves and protective clothing when working!

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