Mannol - 9801 Headlight Polish Restoration Kit

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Headlight Polish-professional set for polishing damaged plastic glasses of all types and purposes. Designed specifically for manual and mechanical polishing of scratched, clouded or yellowed plastic headlights and other lighting devices without dismantling them, as well as windshields of motor vehicles and small vessels (boats, motor boats, jet skis, etc.) and motorcycle helmet windows.
Fragments of the road surface, dirt, salt and reagents, insects, ultraviolet light and other weather factors damage the surface of the headlights, making it cloudy over time and poorly transmitting light, which significantly impairs visibility. Therefore, the surface of the headlights must be periodically polished.

- Easy and fast application. On average, it takes 30 minutes to process a single headlight;
- Allows you to achieve an ideal degree of surface polishing;
- Restores the brightness of the headlights, increasing visibility and driving up safety and gives the car a more attractive appearance.

Clean the surface to be treated with water. Use adhesive tape to protect the surrounding surfaces. Wet the surface and polish evenly in a circular motion. Follow the order of grinding wheels 800 ? 1200 ? 2000. Use each circle for a few minutes. Then polish with a polishing sponge (orange) and sanding paste until the surface is glossy and transparent. Clean and dry the headlight thoroughly. Apply a UV-protecting nano-sealant to the finishing sponge (white) and polish for 1 minute. Let it dry for 2 hours.

The kit includes:
- self - locking sanding disc (for power tools) - 1 PC.
- grinding wheel 2000 - 2 PCs.
- grinding wheel 1200 - 2 PCs.
- grinding wheel 800 - 2 PCs.
- adhesive tape 3000 x 20 mm - 1 PC.
- sanding paste 40 g - 2 PCs.
- polishing sponge (orange) - 1 PC.
- sponge for finishing polishing (white) - 1 PC.
- nano-sealant that protects against UV rays (7.5 ml) - 2 PCs.


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