Mannol - 9815 Micro Fiber Cloth

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Micro Fiber Cloth-a cloth for cleaning all surfaces from dirt, including those requiring delicate care and polished, without the use of chemicals. This is a new high-tech product-an innovation in the field of microfiber production technology. It is used for the care of personal vehicles, in auto repair shops, industrial enterprises and in everyday life.

- Thanks to its structure consisting of microfibers with many air cavities, it effectively removes any dirt without the use of synthetic detergents;
- Cleans in dry and wet conditions;
- Soft and very hygroscopic-absorbs moisture and dust well;
- Perfectly cleanses, leaving no stains, streaks, micro particles and lint;
- Does not leave scratches;
- High strength, durability, chemical resistance;
- It is well established among professionals and motorists as a convenient, fast and reliable tool for cleaning and caring for the dashboard, windshield and many other surfaces of the car interior made of artificial materials and coatings: electroplated (chrome, Nickel, etc.), paint, plastics, rubbers, stainless steel and non-ferrous alloys, etc.

Size: 33x36 cm

Application: reusable cloth, after application, wash in warm water and dry. The napkin can be washed at temperatures up to 95 °C.

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