Mannol - 9874 Glass Foam - 450ml

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Glass Foam - cleaning foam for fast and effective removal of persistent dirt of various origins from car windows, mirrors, headlights, as well as from any other internal and external, transparent, mirror and smooth surfaces of vehicles, as well as in the office and at home (cleaning windows, mirrors, showcases, ceramic tiles, etc.). Suitable for cleaning chrome surfaces, stainless steel, polycarbonate, etc.

- Effectively dissolves and removes road dirt, stains of various petroleum products, silicone film, matte coating, traces of insects and plants, food contamination, including oil and fat;
- Restores the Shine and transparency of glass and mirror surfaces;
- Creates an anti-glare layer on the surface of car windows and thus increases driving safety;
- Does not change the optical properties of the glass, does not leave streaks;
- Great for removing tobacco plaque;
- Neutral to sealing materials, rubbers, plastics and painted surfaces of the body.

Application: shake the balloon before use. Spray evenly on the surface to be cleaned, leave for a while to act, then wipe with a clean cloth or paper napkin. A minimum amount of foam is required to clean the surface from stains.


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