Mannol - 9887 Copper spray - 250ml

Size: 250ml
Sale price£5.99
Copper Spray - universal separating copper aerosol lubricant for various equipment elements operating under any loads (including high loads), and exposed to high temperatures and/or high humidity and/or aggressive environments. It is used to ensure easy disassembly of connections after long-term operation. Eliminates their coupling with each other under the influence of a variety of factors.

  • highest resistance to high-temperature impact;
  • copper powder effectively clads the treated surfaces and gives them excellent lubricating properties;
  • excellent separating action for metals and alloys in any combination;
  • effectively protects against all types of corrosion;
  • excellent adhesion, does not separate and does not spray even with rapid rotation of the treated surface;
  • reduces noise, creaking and vibration;
  • resistant to hot and salt water;
  • protects against welding of contact surfaces, spikes and carbon deposits;
  • universal.
Example of use:
  • Repair and reduction of noise (creaking) of all types of brake systems (disc, drum, etc.);
  • Lubrication and corrosion protection of propeller shaft joints, movable screw pairs, hubs, spark plug threads, screw connections, bolts, screws, etc.;
  • Separating lubrication and protection against welding, burning and jamming of thermally loaded parts
    (connections of the exhaust system, heat exchangers, boilers, turbines and other thermal equipment).
Application: Thoroughly clean (if necessary to metal) contaminated contact surfaces from rust, carbon, oxides, scale, etc. Degrease. Shake the balloon vigorously. Apply MANNOL Copper Spray in the required amount, according to the maintenance manual. After application, clean the spray head and nozzle. You can use the cylinder as long as the cylinder does not start to blow out the clean spray gas.

Shelf life: 5 years

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