Mannol - 9890 Pre-Paint Silicone Remover - 450ml

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Pre-Paint Silicone Remover is a special cleaner for removing hardened and fresh silicone sealant and other silicone – containing substances from various surfaces of cars and other equipment, in construction, industry and household, such as: paint surfaces, rubber surfaces, enameled surfaces, chrome and metal surfaces, glass, plastic, concrete, ceramic tiles, wood, brick, plaster, fabric, etc.

- Removes stains from petroleum products, solid hydrocarbons (waxy and paraffin), greasy and resinous stains and other road pollution;
- Cleans seams from any type of silicone sealant, removes both old and non-hardened silicone sealant well;
- Does not contain acetone. Neutral to paints and varnishes;
- Can be applied on solvent-sensitive surfaces including plastic, facing and laminated surfaces, fabric, without damaging them;
- Does not run off vertical surfaces when applied;
- Improves the adhesion of silicone sealant to the surface;
- Has a faint smell, easy to clean, eco-friendly, easy to use.

Application: Spray from a distance of approximately 30 cm and wipe.


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