Mannol 9891 PAG 46 Refrigerant Oil 250ml

Size: 250ml
Sale price£17.49
Fully synthetic polyalkylene glycol (PAG) refrigeration oil for the lubrication, sealing and cooling of air conditioning compressors and cooling circuits of these systems. Miscible with type R134a refrigerants. Designed according to the requirements of leading manufacturers of compressor equipment and cooling systems.

Product properties:
- Excellent lubricity;
- Effectively cools the compressor;
- Prevents seal deformation.

Designed for air conditioning systems of all kinds of cars and heavy-duty vehicles, off-road (construction, mining, agricultural) and special equipment.

Observe the instructions of the air conditioning system manufacturer in the operating instructions!

To lubricate the sealing gaskets during repair and installation work, apply to the surface of the gaskets with a brush;
When adding or replacing, add oil using a special nozzle;
Store in a tightly closed state after use.

Air conditioning compressors installed in automobiles require the use of strictly defined types of lubricants. Most air conditioners manufactured since 1996 have been using R134a refrigerant and need PAG (polyalkylene glycol) oil to lubricate the compressor mechanisms. Using the wrong refrigerant (compressor) oil or improper viscosity can damage the compressor itself. In most cases, the leading cause of damage to a new compressor is the use of inappropriate or inadequate refrigeration (compressor) oil.

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