Mannol - 9893 Electrical Contact Cleaner

Size: 450ml
Sale price£7.19
Contact Cleaner is a special cleaning agent for fast and effective cleaning and degreasing of dirty and rusted electrical contacts of all types.

Ideal for:
  • cleaning of electrical blocks and contacts, electronic circuit boards and terminal blocks, lamp bases, cable lines, communication relays, interrupters, ignition distributors, starters, generators, fuses, etc. in cars;
  • plug sockets, clamps, electrical distribution devices, battery contacts in industry and everyday life;
  • audio and video equipment, office and commercial electrical equipment - cash registers, electronic scales, scanners, etc.
  • Quickly, efficiently and carefully cleans electrical contacts and connectors, as well as electronic elements from fat and oil films, oxides, phosphates, dust and other insulating contaminants. Reduces the electrical resistance of the contacts and thereby reduces the power loss of electrical equipment and stabilizes the voltage;
  • Displaces moisture, forms a water-repellent film;
  • Quickly evaporates without leaving traces and eliminates current leaks and short circuits;
  • Provides long-term protection of electrical contacts from oxidation, while maintaining their conductivity;
  • Due to its high penetration capacity, it improves the efficiency and reliability of electronic systems and electrical equipment, preventing failures and failures;
  • Silicone-free, safe for plastic and rubber parts, as well as for paint coatings;
  • Can be used for degreasing metal surfaces.
Before cleaning, disconnect the electrical circuit. Spray MANNOL Contact Cleaner on dirt and leave for 5-10 minutes to act, depending on the intensity of the contamination. Remove dissolved dirt with a cloth or brush. Remove excess product with a damp cloth. In case of contact with the surface of plastic and lacquered parts, remove the composition with a damp cloth. Before connecting to the electrical circuit, wait 10 minutes for the solvent residue to evaporate.

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