Mannol - 9894 Air Brake Antifreeze

Size: 450ml
Sale price£12.89

Antifreeze for pneumatic brake systems based on aliphatic alcohols and anti-corrosion additives.

Product properties:

- Prevents the formation of ice crystals in brake hoses, receivers and other nodes of the pneumatic brake system;

- Contains special components that consistently protect against rust and corrosion;

- Actively lubricates valves and brake valves and ensures their cleanliness;

- Prevents hardening of rubber seals;

- Reliably binds condensate and moisture, guarantees reliable brake performance, ensuring safe operation in any climate.

Designed for pneumatic brake systems with a tank for the dehumidifier, all types of cars, heavy-duty vehicles, off-road (construction, mining, agricultural) and special equipment.

Follow the brake manufacturer's recommendations in the instruction manual!

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