Mannol - 9896 Copper Grease Paste

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High-temperature paste with the addition of copper powder, a complex of anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives and thermo-stable aluminum complex as a thickener.

Product properties:
- Provides reliable lubrication of parts in a wide temperature range: from -40 °C to +1100 °C;
- Effectively protects against corrosion in an aggressive environment and prevents sticking and jamming of moving parts;
- Excellent protection against wear and reduces friction;
- Has a high resistance to oxidation;
- It has good adhesion and mechanical stability of the lubricant layer;
- The components of the mineral oil evaporate when heated to 200 °C or more, and the solid lubricant remains on greased surfaces.

It is intended for the lubrication of fasteners and threaded connections: bolts, exhaust system nuts, brake cylinders and calipers, spark plugs, wiring elements, heat exchanger pipes, various fastenings of hydraulic and pneumatic presses, bushings in drill hoses. In the automotive industry for lubricating disc brakes (brake pads) and exhaust systems. In the chemical industry during the heat treatment of blocks and equipment, turbines and boilers. In the ceramic and construction industries for the lubrication of pneumatic hammers, concrete and ceramic drills. In construction - for the lubrication of building and assembly elements that are operated under high loads, strong compression and under the influence of corrosive substances.

Application: Apply to the cleaned surface with a brush, brush or non-fibrous rag. The portion of greasing at application depends on a scope.


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