Mannol - 9906 Reifen Doctor- Emergency Puncture Repair

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Reifen Doctor-an easy-to-use special spray tool for emergency repair of punctures of chamber and tubeless tires on cast and stamped wheels without dismantling them. The resulting foam quickly and reliably seals punctures and leaks of all types up to 5 mm in diameter by creating a long-lasting self-vulcanizing film when interacting with air. Applicable to all tire sizes of passenger cars, light trucks and trailers. Not applicable for gusts and long slits, or when the tire has slipped off the disk.

- Remains in the tire in the active state for a long time and prevents the occurrence of air leaks in the future, including repeated punctures;
- Does not lead to the formation of oxides and rust on the surface of the wheel;
- Does not affect wheel balancing;
- Does not freeze in the cold

1. If possible, remove the cause of the puncture (nail, self-tapping screw, etc.). Turn the wheel down with the puncture and completely release the remaining air from the tire.
2. In the cold, warm the balloon to a temperature not lower than + 15° C (in a warm cabin, for example), then shake thoroughly.
3. Screw the cylinder connector onto the tire valve.
4. Hold the balloon vertically and inject the entire contents of the balloon into the tire. One cylinder is sufficient for one tire with a rim diameter (landing diameter) of 15'.
5. Inflate the tire to the required pressure. In order for the foam to be evenly distributed inside the tire and reliably seal the punctures, it is necessary to drive at an average speed of 70 km/h 10-15 km.
6. As soon as possible, contact the service Station for professional tire repair, until then, regularly monitor the air pressure in the tire.

Note: Not suitable for use in direct measurement tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS).

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