Mannol - 9911 RTV Silicone Gasket - Gray Neutral

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High-quality one-component silicone sealant that hardens at room temperature. It has excellent resistance to low and high temperatures, does not lose plasticity throughout its life. Provides reliable waterproof insulation. Resistant to lubricants, antifreeze, water and fuel. Resistant on bending surfaces. Replaces asbestos, rubber, paper, cork and metal seals.

It can be effectively used to repair the following components: water pumps, oil pump flanges, thermostat housings, oil pans, transmissions, etc.

The surface to be treated must be degreased.

After 24 hours, the connection may be exposed to a load. Operating temperature range from - 40 °C to +230 °C (intermittently). Store the product in cool and dry conditions in tightly closed original packaging

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