Mannol - 9916 Silicone Gasket - Transparent

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Gasket Maker Transparent is a high - quality one-component sealant that hardens at room temperature. It has excellent adhesive and binding properties. Suitable for bonding and sealing vehicle windshields, headlights, indicators, brake lights, etc. replaces rubber, paper and cork seals. Resistant to lubricants, coolants, water and sun. It is used for working with glass, plastic, ceramics and aluminum. It is easy to apply and remains flexible. After applying to the non-greased surface, it is smoothed and leveled with soapy water.After 24 hours, the connection may be exposed to a load.

The operating temperature of this product is -40°C to +180°C (short-term).

Store the sealant in cool and dry conditions in tightly closed original packaging.

It retains its strength for at least two years from the date of production.

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