Mannol - 9923 Power Steering Leak-Stop 250ml

Size: 250ml
Sale price$9.50
A special additive in the power steering fluid to prevent and eliminate leaks from the steering system. Eliminates power steering, pump, and steering rack leaks, significantly extending their service life.
With regular use, it increases the service life of the system by 1.5 - 2 times.

Product properties:
  • Special modifiers restore the original shape, size and elasticity of the seals and power steering gaskets;
  • Protects rubber and neoprene seals from drying, hardening, deformation and cracking, slowing down their aging and thus extending their service life;
  • Contains components that enhance the anti-friction properties of the additive, thereby reducing wear of system elements, improving their mobility and extending the service life of the power steering;
  • Provides smooth and silent operation of the steering system, reduces heat, noise and vibration of the power steering;
  • Extends the service life of the pump and bypass valves;
  • Can be used to prevent aging and wear of seals and gaskets, and generally to prevent system failures;
  • Compatible with any power steering fluid.
Application: Stop the engine. Drain the liquid from the hydraulic pump tank completely or partially (depending on the type of tank). Fill the tank with an equivalent amount of power steering fluid by adding MANNOL Power Steering Leak-Stop. The contents of the bottle are enough for 3 liters of liquid.
The power steering fluid must be checked regularly and changed at the recommended intervals.

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