Mannol - 9939 Burning Booster 500ml

Size: 500ml
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Fuel combustion Activator for all types of gasoline engine fuel systems based on synthetic esters. Designed to reduce fuel consumption and protect the engine from the consequences of using low-quality (surrogate) gasoline. When mixed with gasoline, it weakens intermolecular bonds, orders the spatial structure of hydrocarbons and makes it more uniform, which makes it easier for oxygen molecules to access them, which increases the completeness of combustion (oxidation) of gasoline and reduces its consumption.

Product properties:
  • By increasing the combustion efficiency, it reduces gasoline consumption by 3-5% and reduces CO-CH emissions;
  • All other things being equal, increases engine power, including by improving the lubricating properties of gasoline and reducing friction in the cylinder zones;
  • Protects the engine from the consequences of using low-quality fuel and additives contained in it: by facilitating oxygen access, it provides complete combustion of high-molecular hydrocarbons and aromatic compounds that may be contained in low-quality gasoline and additives used in them, and also provides complete combustion of sulfur. As a result, carbon formation in the combustion chamber is reduced and the coking of the piston rings is reduced, which prevents their occurrence. All this prevents excessive fuel and oil consumption;
  • It has excellent cleaning properties, which keeps the fuel system clean and especially the injectors;
  • Reducing carbon formation, smoke and toxicity increases the life of spark plugs, oxygen sensors, catalysts, injectors and the engine as a whole;
  • Forms a stable oil film on the parts of the fuel system, which prevents their corrosion;
  • The strong and stable oil film formed when using Burning Booster significantly reduces the wear of all rubbing pairs of the fuel system, thereby increasing its service life, and also reduces the wear of cylinders, pistons and piston rings;
  • Compatible with all construction materials.
Application: Add to the tank in the ratio of 50 ml per 50 liters of fuel.

Recommended for regular use.

Shelf life: 5 years from the date of production.

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