Mannol - 9966 Radiator Leak Stop

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A special additive in the coolant is a sealant for the cooling system of internal combustion engines (ICE) and the interior heating system. Suitable for any liquid-cooled internal combustion engine with radiators made of any materials (aluminum, copper, plastic and composite, etc.). It is a mixture of metal polymers and special fibers and is designed to eliminate leaks in the system.

Product properties:
  • Compatible with any coolant as well as water;
  • Seals the cooling system and eliminates leaks through gaskets, clamps, small cracks in the radiator, cylinder head gaskets, from the water pump and from the cylinder block itself. Prevents leaks in the future;
  • Cures only in places of leaks, without clogging the radiator tubes. After hardening, withstands vibration, temperature changes, does not wash out, does not dissolve;
  • It is especially recommended for sealing micro cracks and micro leaks, the places of which are difficult to determine, but due to which there is a drop in the level of the coolant;
  • Absolutely neutral to all structural materials (metals and alloys, plastic and rubber parts). Restores the lost elasticity and resilience of seals and gaskets, protects them from drying out, hardening, deformation and cracking, slowing down their aging and thereby extending their service life;
  • Possesses excellent anti-corrosion properties, neutralizes corrosive acids;
  • Extends the life of the water pump;
  • Can be used to prevent leaks, as well as to prevent the aging process and wear of seals and gaskets, and in general to prevent cooling system failures.
Application: Start the engine at idle speed and let it warm up to operating temperature, turn on the interior heating. Shake the contents of the bottle thoroughly and pour it into the expansion tank of the cooling system (or into the radiator). One 325 ml bottle is sufficient for a 12 liter system. Let the engine idle for 10 minutes. If the leaks are not eliminated within 3 days, mechanical repair is required.

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