Mannol - 9970 Carburetor Cleaner

Size: 400ml
Sale price£5.99
Carburetor Cleaner – highly effective carburetor cleaner without dismantling it. Quickly, carefully and effectively cleans throttle and air dampers, diffusers, jets and all other available internal surfaces of carburetors, as well as their external surfaces. Applicable to all two - or four-stroke gasoline engines, with or without catalytic converters.

Product properties:
  • It is a mixture of highly effective organic solvents. Does not contain acetone;
  • Completely dissolves and removes all typical carburetor contaminants of various origins;
  • Does not clog the engine components located behind the carburetor: valves, combustion chamber, etc.;
  • Stabilizes idle speed, facilitates cold start, improves engine acceleration;
  • Optimizes the operation of the intake system by cleaning and lubricating its moving parts;
  • The product contains substances that are aggressive to paint surfaces and plastics;
  • Reduces fuel consumption (up to 5%) and exhaust gas toxicity;
  • Applicable for cleaning motorcycle chains, timing chains, clutch parts, oil pumps, gears, crankshafts and other unpainted metal components and engine parts.
Application. Turn off the engine and remove the air filter. You need to get direct access to the throttle. Spray the product on all internal surfaces of the carburetor located in the access area, as well as, if necessary, on external surfaces. Let them dry. Replace the air filter in its original position. It is advisable to replace it at the same time. Turn on the engine and let it run at medium speed, and you can already start driving. You can also let the engine run at idle for 20 seconds at 2000 rpm, so that the remaining dirt in the injection system can burn.

If the engine allows, i.e. can maintain a stable speed when the air intake is disconnected, then cleaning can be performed when the engine is turned on. If this doesn't work, contact the service center to find out how to do it. Sometimes it is enough to turn off the air flow meter. When the engine is running, the cleaning process is significantly intensified. At the same time, do not allow the product to get on the air flow meter and painted parts.

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