Mannol - 9971 Air Conditioner Cleaner

Size: 520ml
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Air Conditioner Cleaner - the latest development: a special foam cleaner for air conditioners that provides the maximum degree of cleaning, neutralizing unpleasant odors and disinfection during their operation. It can be used for cleaning any air conditioning system.

- Effectively cleans and disinfects both internal and external surfaces of the air conditioning system;
- Destroys viruses, bacteria, fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms, as well as prevents their re-formation;
- Regular use of MANNOL Air Conditioner Cleaner eliminates the negative impact of AIR conditioning on your health;
- Contains Bronopol 1.1 g/l N-67445 – a substance with high biocidal (antibacterial) activity.

Remove the cabin filter. Warm up the engine. Dry the surface of the air conditioner evaporator. On 10 minutes set the following conditions for the heating and ventilation: OPEN all Windows, turn OFF engine, turn OFF the air conditioner, TURN on recirculation, the air supply will SET "on foot", a temperature and fan to MAXIMUM.
Before applying the product, turn off the recirculation, TURN off the climate system (heater). CLOSE all Windows and doors and install the air supply "on the windscreen". Insert the probe into the hole of the cabin filter as deep as possible, spray the product on the evaporator, and in the same way spray the product into the ventilation holes. We recommend that you spray 2/3 of the product through the filter hole and 1/3 through the air vents. You can also spray some of the product through the condensate drain holes (drains), while its remnants can flow out. Close the hole of the cabin filter with a plug. 250 ml is enough for one application. Leave on for 15-30 minutes.
After the foam settles, dry the air conditioner (dry the surface of the air conditioner evaporator) with the same settings as described above.
Install the cabin filter (preferably replace it with a new one). Make sure that the air conditioner is working properly.
In some cases (if the air conditioner is very dirty), you can clean it again. In case of very heavy contamination, if the MANNOL Air Conditioner Cleaner does not fully cope, it is necessary to perform a mechanical cleaning of the device. To do this, it is better to contact a service station or a specialized car service.

Attention! For safe use of disinfectants, be sure to read the contents of the label (packaging) and product information before using. Use disinfectants with caution. Any spilled liquid should be wiped off immediately.
Due to the fact that we are constantly improving our products and methods of application, the application descriptions on this site and on the packaging may differ slightly. Here is a more detailed description.

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