Mannol - 9975 Alloy Wheel Cleaner

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Felgen Cleaner - a special intensive cleaner for fast, easy and gentle cleaning and further maintenance of wheels and rims of any design of cars and other equipment. Suitable for steel and light-alloy wheels with any coating (paint, powder, etc.).

- Excellent cleaning properties and good wettability: removes the heaviest dirt: oil stains (oils, fuels, etc.), bitumen particles and other road dirt, brake pad wear products, etc.;
- Does not have a chemical effect on rubber and plastic surfaces;
- Supports disk Shine. With regular use, it will provide them with an excellent appearance and a long service life.

Shake well before applying and spray Felgen Cleaner evenly on dirty discs. Depending on the degree of contamination, leave it to act for 5-7 minutes, but do not let it dry. If there is persistent dirt, use a sponge or brush during the cleaning process. Thoroughly wash dirt and detergent residues with a strong stream of water. It is not recommended to use on heated disks or in direct sunlight.


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