Mannol - 9978 Air-Con Fresh

Size: 200ml
Sale price£6.49

Air-Con Fresh is a preventive product for deodorizing and disinfecting car air conditioners, ventilation ducts and car air ducts without removing the cabin filter.

- Effectively and quickly removes unpleasant odors, bacteria, fungi and prevents their re-formation. Contains triclosan;
- Leaves a fresh and pleasant fragrance;
- Contributes to the prevention of allergic and infectious diseases.

Dry the surface of the air conditioner evaporator. To do this, start the engine and set the following heating and ventilation conditions for 10 minutes: the air conditioner is turned off, recirculation is turned on, the air supply is installed in the foot space, set the temperature and fan speed to maximum. Shake the jar well before use. Place the MANNOL Air-Con Fresh in the intake area of the air circulation system (usually the air intake is located in the leg space of the front passenger seat). Switch the air supply to the windshield. Then press the spray until it locks in place. Keep windows and doors closed for 10 minutes while the disinfection process is in progress. Then turn off the sprayer and dry the air conditioner evaporator using the same settings as described above. Turn off the engine and ventilate the interior for at least 10 minutes.

Attention! For safe use of disinfectants, be sure to read the contents of the label and product information before using.

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