Mannol - 9980 Diesel Injector Cleaner - 300ml

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A powerful, fast-acting nozzle cleaner for all types of diesel engines (turbocharged and atmospheric, with and without exhaust gas after treatment systems) with complex action. Especially recommended for engines with starting problems and erratic performance.

Product properties:
- Quickly and effectively cleans nozzles by removing tar, carbon and other deposits from the nozzles. Eliminates needles seizing;
- Increases the cetane number, provides a calm, smooth and complete combustion of fuel;
- Facilitates starting, eliminates jerks and poor engine throttle response, stabilizes idle speed and increases engine power by improving fuel atomization. Reduces the toxicity of exhaust gases;
- Saves fuel, all other things being equal;
- Provides additional lubrication of key components of the fuel system (high-pressure fuel pump, injectors, pump-injectors, etc.) and parts of the cylinder-piston group, preventing costly repairs, extending their service life and the life of the engine;
- Protects the fuel system from corrosion;
- Can be used to prevent dirt and deposits on injectors and other parts of the fuel system.

Application: Add to the tank before refuelling in the ratio of 300 ml per 30 litres of fuel.
Recommended for regular use.


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