Mannol - 9990 Engine Motor Doctor

Size: 350ml
Sale price£5.99
Modern multifunctional additive in engine oil - a viscosity stabilizer designed to restore oil pressure and reduce its consumption in engines with high mileage.

Product properties:
  • A special modifier increases the oil viscosity index, which prevents oil from entering the combustion chamber, which in turn reduces soot formation and eliminates exhaust gas smoke;
  • Anti-wear components minimize wear on engines with any mileage and extend their service life;
  • Improves the stability and strength of the oil film on the rubbing parts of the engine, which facilitates cold start and reduces starting wear;
  • Especially effective in severe operating conditions and when oil is diluted with fuel;
  • Suitable for petrol and diesel engines and all types of engine oils (synthetic, mineral, etc.)
Color: yellow-brown.

Application: Add to fresh engine oil at each oil change after the engine reaches operating temperature.

The contents of one container are sufficient for lubrication systems up to 5 liters of oil.

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