Mannol - 3003 DOT-3 Brake Fluid

Size: 500ml
Sale price£6.15

Universal synthetic brake fluid based on polyglycols and esters containing corrosion and oxidation inhibitors. It is recommended for use in cars and trucks of early years with drum brakes (and front disc brakes), which are not subjected to too active operation.

- Provides reliable operation of the brake system at all ambient temperatures due to the increased boiling point (>215 °C) and excellent low-temperature properties (down to -40 °C);
- High chemical and thermal stability;
- Good lubricating ability;
- Good viscosity-temperature properties;
- Neutralises the formation of steam bubbles;
- Effectively neutralises water condensation;
- Compatible with elastomers;
- Completely neutral in relation to the separate parts of the brake system.

It is aggressive towards paint and varnish coatings.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions in the operating instructions!

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