Mannol - 3005 DOT-5.1 Brake Fluid

Title: 500ml
Sale price£6.99

Fully synthetic low-viscosity brake fluid of the latest generation. It is used in the hydraulic systems of all traditional braking devices and clutches that require the DOT 5.1 specification. It is designed for vehicles equipped with modern ABS anti-lock systems and ESP stability control systems.

- The combination of special additives and a heat-resistant synthetic base with high low-temperature properties guarantees precise performance and smooth operation of brake systems and safety systems;
- Provides reliable operation of the brake system at all ambient temperatures due to the increased boiling point (>260 °C) and excellent low-temperature properties (-40 °C and below), guarantees the potential safety of the vehicle units filled up with DOT 5.1 fluid at low temperatures;
- It has a reduced viscosity, compared to DOT 4, which ensures a high speed of operation of the brake systems
- Highest chemical and thermal stability;
- Excellent viscosity-temperature properties and lubricity;
- Neutralizes water condensation and the formation of steam bubbles;
- Compatible with elastomers;
- Completely neutral in relation to the details of the brake system.

Compatible with all synthetic liquids of the same class DOT-5.1, as well as DOT-3 and DOT-4, is incompatible with DOT-5 liquid and mineral oil-based liquids.
It is aggressive towards paint and varnish coatings.
Follow the manufacturer's instructions in the operation manual!

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