Mannol Hand Gel Cleaner

Size: 290ml
Sale price£4.69

Hand Gel Cleaner – hand sanitizing and cleansing gel. It is a ready-to-use disinfectant (skin antiseptic) intended for the hygienic treatment of hands in everyday life, in public places and on transport.

- Contains up to 80% isopropyl alcohol, which kills almost all known microbes, viruses and bacteria;
- Contains moisturizing ingredients - does not dry the skin of the hands, does not have a harmful effect on healthy skin and does not damage it.

Application: ATTENTION! For external use only! Do not treat mucous membranes and wounds! Do not apply to the face if it is sensitive to chemicals. It is recommended to apply at least 3 ml of the product to dry hands (without first washing with soap and water) and rub it into the skin until it dries, but not less than 30 seconds. Pay attention to the thorough treatment of the skin between the fingers and fingertips!

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