Nielsen - Screenwash De-Icer 20L

Size: 20L
Sale price£50.99

Screenwash De-Icer is a dual-purpose windscreen wash solution and de-icer, combining detergents and solvents to effectively remove stubborn grease, dirt and fly residues from windscreens. Screenwash De-Icer is a particularly versatile winter wash bottle additive, which not only prevents wash bottles freezing, but also contains non-volatile freezing point inhibitors to prevent ice build-up in the washer nozzles. Highly concentrated, Screenwash De-Icer is also an excellent de-icing solution, clearing windows of ice and snow.
• Concentrated washer bottle additive
• Removes road film and insect debris from windscreens
• Anti-freezing agents to prevent wash bottles freezing in winter

How to use
Summer: Use diluted with up to 1:20 with water
Winter: Use neat to provide protection to -20°C
Dilute 1:1 to provide protection to -7°C
Dilute 1:2 to provide protection to -4°C
Dilute 1:4 to provide protection to -2°C
For de-icing screens, apply with sprayer and ice will rapidly dissipate.

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