Pemco - iDRIVE 328 0W-20 Engine Oil

Size: 5L
Sale price£69.59
Innovative energy-saving, low-viscosity bi-synthetic (PAO + esters) premium engine oil for the latest models of turbocharged gasoline engines (multipoint or direct injection) with diesel particulate filters.

Product properties:
  • Due to the unique bi-synthetic base and the esters contained in it, it has excellent anti wear, antifriction and extreme pressure properties, which ensures long and trouble-free operation of all engine systems, including turbo units. Effectively protects the timing chain from wear;
  • Eliminates uncontrolled premature ignition of the fuel-air mixture in engines with direct injection (Low Speed Pre Ignition or LSPI);
  • Outperforms similar oils of the SN category in terms of detergent and dispersant properties and thermal-oxidative stability, effectively combats all types of deposits and keeps engine parts clean throughout the entire drain interval. Effectively protects against high-temperature deposits on the piston and turbocharger, effectively fights sludge and lacquer formation;
  • Outperforms similar SN oils in terms of fuel efficiency due to their unique composition and excellent antifriction properties;
  • Bi-synthetic low-viscosity PAO + Ester base guarantees easy low-temperature engine start due to exceptional cranking and pump ability, which significantly reduces engine starting wear;
  • Possesses optimal viscosity in a wide temperature range (for engines in which it is recommended), which ensures their stable operation in all operating modes, including overload;
  • Due to its high thermo-oxidative stability, it effectively resists aging;
  • Fully compatible with all exhaust gas after treatment systems, DPF, TWC, EGR and SCR through the use of Mid SAPS technology;
  • Compatible with ethanol-containing fuels;
  • It is used in engines with an extended oil change interval (Long Life up to 30,000 km) and conventional ones.
Recommended for use in gasoline engines of the latest generations of European and Japanese car manufacturers, which impose additional requirements for engine oils in accordance with the above standards and specifications.

The oil is not suitable for use in heavy trucks and similar vehicles!

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